When looking for a mortgage, always pick the person or company you trust to handle and close the deal. End of story.

The mortgage landscape is so competitive, with so many options; it can be overwhelming to get started. Before doing your own research, as yourself: What’s your preferred way to communicate? Email? Phone? In-person? Online only? Be aware of your favorite method to interact and apply for a mortgage with one of the following options:

Get a referral from a family member, friend, co-worker, or professional that you trust to be knowledgeable and successful. They can share with you their own experience in getting a mortgage and tell you a few things you hadn’t thought of, all while getting you in contact with their trusted local mortgage expert.

Another option is to apply with your bank or credit union that holds your deposits or investments. Maybe you’re already familiar with their online banking, and you’ve built a solid rapport with the bankers in your branch.

You can also apply with one of the many mortgage companies you see on TV and hear on the radio. I’m sure you know one or two of their slogans. Some of these companies utilize the newest application technology and deliver much of their service through their own online channel.

The last option is to find a mortgage company yourself through your own research. What websites do you get your information from? What online communities do you spend the most time with? Go there and search for a mortgage company or professional under the medium that you are familiar with.

Again, the answer is simple: proceed with the mortgage company or person you trust to handle and close your transaction. This is your money, your commitment, and your future.